Republicans in Virginia are Fired up!

The hospitality suites are closed down, the presenters are back at home, and it is time to get to work. The overarching takeaway from this weekend’s 31st Annual Advance is that the Republican Party of Virginia is ready for 2015. The focus of the weekend was on preparing the grassroots and the response was overwhelmingly positive, the grassroots are itching to get back into it.

Two great workshops that were held focused on Fundraising and Using Social Media, and one thing that could be taken away from both is there some serious opportunities for crossover for fundraising in the digital world and using social media to help build the larger name ID. The fact that campaigns and committees are excited about using these technologies is good news and surgeRED has some great tools to help get the most out of these efforts.

Another interesting discussion that was moderated by Garren Shipley, RPV Communications Director, was the General Assembly update and look forward. Now that Republicans hold both chambers we will be working hard to keep that control, but it is going to be a battle going up against Terry “Fundraiser-in-Chief” McAuliffe. In order to be successful, the caucus have advocated a full spectrum outreach program to keep the grassroots engaged and informed.

We can help you or your candidate win in November with:

Focused Digital ads to create an online brand
Comprehensive grassroots strategies built for your district
VoIP technology to reach your voters with a personalized message
Proven data list management for your targeted voter contact

If you’d like to learn more about what we will do to ensure your victory please contact Chris Godbey at or (202) 557-6344.

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