The election cycle for 2014 is almost over as voting in Louisiana concludes tomorrow and special elections to fill newly vacated seats will wrap up in a few short weeks. However, in Chantilly, VA the Republican Party of Virginia is getting together at their annual Donald Huffman Advance, to reflect on a very impressive year. With Ed Gillespie’s surprise U.S. Senate race and solid wins in critical house districts, the RPV is set to discuss a 2015 cycle that could decide control of the Commonwealth’s contentious Senate. One of the great things about Virginia politics is their ability to get up the day after Election Day to refocus on the year ahead, and this year’s Advance will be focused on continuing the huge momentum it gained in 2014.

The problem with most campaigns is that they run into “fighting the last war” syndrome, and in Virginia while they serve as a test case for the next on-year cycle, they know that they have to adapt and focus on the “future” battles. This mentality is especially true in the off year prior to a Presidential election cycle with a Democratic Governor in Richmond. As was outlined in the Legislative update, RPV is gearing up for a contested election year, acknowledging that the Democrats have declared that, “their eyes are on the Senate.”

Here at the RPV Advance, surgeRED will be talking with the targeted Delegate and Senate seats that will be up for election in 2015. Our focus will be on bringing the proven strategies and tactics to help secure the Republican majorities in the Legislature. We will do this by employing cutting edge technological solutions, data analytics and targeting, and a robust grassroots strategy that is tailored to each district and race.

We can help you or your candidate win in November with:

  • Focused Digital ads to create an online brand
  • Comprehensive grassroots strategies built for your district
  • VoIP technology to reach your voters with a personalized message
  • Proven data list management for your targeted voter contact

If you’d like to learn more about what we will do to ensure your victory please contact Chris Godbey at or (202) 557-6344.

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