Campaigns trying to reach voters need to understand one key point in order to succeed; the best approach will always be a varied, multi-layered one. That being said the political campaign world is slowly adapting to integrated media planning across online channels to saturate audiences with individually targeted ads while moving just as slowly away from television. It may be time to speed up the transition.

According to Off the Grid National Survey 2014, under half of voters now say live TV is their primary way to watch video content and even then it mostly centered on live sports. In order to persuade voters you must reach them, more and more that is going to away from live TV and online. So how do you persuade voters? Campaigns must go where they are watching.

Campaigns and consultants have come a long way toward harnessing the power of social media. Firms have begun matching voter files to online ad targeting, allowing online campaign ads the same kind of direct targeting normally reserved for snail mail. With this power at your fingertips you can expand the reach of your TV buys, reinforce a fluid mail message, and give your campaign a sense of modernity that usually comes at a much higher cost.

Lately, the recommended budget amount for online/digital has been somewhere between 15-20% of the voter contact budget. Depending on the size of the race, I think that number should be closer to 25-30% especially if you want to have the impact that digital can for your race.

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