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The Year of the #Hashtag


Rand Paul shocked no one with his eleven and a half hour long filibuster against the NSA and domestic spying programs. He has been a fervent opponent to the program since first questioned about it. What should cause some folks to pay attention however is the impact that this effort caused on his social media […]

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Meet the Team


  surgeRED is an exciting new venture into the field of digital campaigns. As more interactions with voters move online, organizations and campaigns require a specialized and analytical approach to their digital efforts. Our team of experienced and certified online experts build your campaign from the ground up. Integrating the entire experience with your traditional […]

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Our award-winning ads, websites and phone services will help you convey your messages to exactly the right audiences in a way that gets their attention and their votes. Whether it’s television and radio ads … digital campaigns … earned media … or paid phones; we’ll use a variety of means and media to persuade, motivate, and mobilize.
Our passion is winning campaigns for conservative Republicans, and we have more than 50 years of experience doing exactly that. We’ll stand by you, day and night, through the entire process, and make your campaign work the way it’s supposed to. Whether it’s the design of unique and compelling strategies; the creation of state-of-the-art digital and social media; or the production of powerful campaign advertising; you can trust the people at Surge Red to give you your best chance of winning.
Our state of the art digital team employs expert social media and graphic design professionals who give your campaign an important digital edge. We’ll create a compelling brand for your campaign; build websites and micro sites that draw viewers, design and place online ads from pre-roll video to search ads that actually get clicks, and build an online grassroots campaign that powers your word-of-mouth efforts to a whole new digital level.
Great data is the key to knowing who would contribute, who would work, and who would vote for you given the right messages. Our team knows data. We know how to find it and employ it. Just as important, we know how to create messaging and tactics that turn that data into votes, money and volunteers for your campaign.
Our online fundraising programs revolve around three steps: Building a strong and targeted list targeted to key issues, prospecting to grow the donor file, and activating that donor file to fund your project or organization. We will grow your online fundraising presence by guiding you through each of these processes to build your audience from the ground up.